Comprehensive psychological evaluations and assessments here at Damous Psychological Services are designed to give you information about your child's disorder.  Unlike other centers, we eliminate the unnecessary psych jargon.  Instead, we provide all information in a concise and clear manner, and we will develop a treatment based on your child's unique needs.  Please note that not all psychological assessments and tests may be necessary.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Currently, there aren't any specific psychological assessment tools to determine the presence of ADHD.  Here, we implement a comprehensive protocol using the latest field research to determine if ADHD is the issue.

Assessments include:

  • Intelligence evaluations

  • Academic achievement evaluations

  • Perceptual motor skill evaluations

  • Behavior observations

  • Emotional tests

  • Teacher / Caregiver checklists to measure several areas, including emotional and behavioral

  • History including birthing, developmental, social, and health

*Please note that further testing techniques may be required depending on your child's or adolescent's results.

Learning Disorders & Disabilities

Learning disabilities and related disorders not only interfere with learning basic skills, but they can also hinder your child's higher-level skills.  Though these disorders are a lifelong challenge, individuals with them can be successful with the proper support, beginning with psychological tests.

Tests include:

  • Intelligence evaluations

  • Academic achievement evaluations

  • Perceptual motor skill evaluations

  • Behavior observations

  • Emotional and behavioral assessments

  • Teacher / Caregiver checklists

  • History including birthing, developmental, social, and health

  • Adaptive behavioral assessments

Related disorders:

  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • Asperger's syndrome

  • Pervasive developmental disorders

  • Mental retardation

Intelligence & Achievement

Intelligence and achievement assessments may be necessary to determine functioning levels to explain the symptoms.  These psychological assessments also assist in appropriate interventions for your child's functioning level.

Assessments include:

  • Clinical inventories

  • Personality inventories (for adults)

  • Projective techniques



Experiences and obstacles often disrupt your life, sometimes making it impossible to find your way back to yourself.   At Damous Psychological services, we offer individual and family therapy sessions to help overcome struggles and improve the quality of your life.  Through personalized treatment plans and therapy tailored to fit your specific needs, our providers can help you work through the difficulties life throws at you.

Individual Support Therapy

When a problem prevents you from moving forward, you need the right therapist to help you.  Using cognitive behavior techniques and other approaches, we'll customize a one-on-one treatment specifically to help you overcome a problem.

Therapy for the Family

The family system plays an important role in our emotional, physical, and spiritual development.  When issues arise, they can have a negative impact on the entire family, causing stress and additional problems to arise.  Family therapy involves parents and children, and it deals with the functions of the family system.  In most cases, family therapy includes parent training to give parents the tools to manage children more effectively.

Addressing Emotional & Behavioral Problems in Children

Catching emotional and behavioral issues at a young age is the first step in aiding children improve their quality of life.  Maladaptive behaviors and emotional difficulties can have negative impacts on your child, which is why we strive to give you and your child the tools needed to overcome these problems.  Through personalized behavioral treatment plans, we will find what your child needs and tailor it to address your specific situation.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is also available as part of our intensive behavioral outpatient program.  Our therapists at the program implement the use of coping skills, anger management, self-soothing techniques, social skills, and more in order to address your child's behavioral and/or emotional difficulties.



Through different programs and seminars, Damous Psychological Services offers effective tools and methods for parents and children to utilize.  Our variety of topics ensures that you can find a session that pertains to the specific challenges or difficulties you are faced with.

Effective Behavior Management & Parent Training

We offer effective ways for reducing classroom disruption and other behavioral issues.  Simply participate in one of our behavior management or parent training programs to learn tips for managing behavioral problems effectively.  In some cases, partial hospitalization/intensive outpatient services may be required.  A more intensive program than traditional outpatient care may prove more effective for more difficult cases.

Plans for Home & School

Parents of children with emotional and behavioral disorders face many challenges, including disruptions in the classroom and at home.  Our programs are designed to give you tools and tricks for managing problematic behaviors at home and at school effectively.  For your convenience, we can provide recommendations for your request of a SAT, eligibility, or IEP/Section 504 plan from your child's school to ensure your child receives the care he or she needs.

Community Seminars

Dealing with your child's behavioral disorder alone can cause you to feel stressed and angry.  This, in turn, often causes children to act out even more, causing more stress and anger.  We offer community parent training seminars to give you and other parents tips for managing your child's behaviors.  All programs include weekly presentations outlining the tools to use for more effective behavior management at home.

Additional seminars for parents, schools, and organizations:

  • Social skills training

  • Building and maintaining self-esteem

  • Understanding attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • Understanding and managing child and adolescent emotional and behavioral disorders

  • Understanding learning and related disorders

  • Bullying

The Damous Center

Outside of the services offered in our main office, we offer an eight-week intensive outpatient program to help children with behavioral and emotional difficulties.  The Damous Center is located in South Charleston, WV; right across the street from our main office.  For your convenience, more information on the Damous Center can be found here.

Contact our office to begin your child's treatment through a psychological evaluation, individual or family therapy, or one of our various programs.