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Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations & Assessments

Psychological evaluations and assessments at Damous Psychological Services in South Charleston, West Virginia, are designed to give you information about your child's disorder. Unlike other centers, we eliminate the unnecessary psych jargon. Instead, we provide all information in a concise and clear manner, and we will develop a treatment based on your child's unique needs. Please note that not all psychological assessments and tests may be necessary.


Currently, there aren't any specific psychological assessment tools to determine the presence of Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Here, we implement a comprehensive protocol using the latest field research to determine if ADHD is the issue.

Assessments Include:
• Intelligence Evaluations
• Academic Achievement Evaluations
• Perceptual Motor Skill Evaluations
• Behavior Observations
• Emotional Tests
• Teacher Checklists to Measure Several Areas, including Emotional & Behavioral
History including Birthing, Developmental, Social, & Health

*Further Testing Techniques May Be Required Depending on Your Child's or
Adolescent's Results


Learning Disorders & Disabilities

Learning disabilities and related disorders not only interfere with learning basic skills, but they can also hinder your child's higher-level skills. Though these disorders are a lifelong challenge, individuals with them can be successful with the proper support, beginning with psychological tests.

Tests Include:

• Intelligence Assessments
• Academic Achievement Assessments
• Perceptual Motor Skill Assessments
• Teacher Checklists
• Complete History
• Behavioral Observations
• Emotional & Behavioral Assessments
• Adaptive Behavioral Assessments

Related Disorders:

• Autism & Asperger's • Pervasive Developmental Disorders • Mental Retardation

Intelligence & Achievement

Intelligence and achievement assessments may be necessary to determine functioning levels to explain the symptoms. These psychological assessments also assist in appropriate interventions for your child's functioning level.

Tests Include:

• Clinical Inventories • Personality Inventories  (for Adults) • Projective Techniques

Contact us to begin your child's treatment beginning with comprehensive psychological assessments.