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Giving Parents, Children & Adolescents

Therapy to Overcome Difficulties

Personalized Individual Therapy & Family Therapy

Experiences and obstacles often disrupt your life, making it impossible to find your way back to yourself. At Damous Psychological Services in South Charleston, West Virginia, we offer individual and family therapy sessions to help overcome struggles and improve the quality of your life. We also offer psychiatric care and medication management with John Hutton, MD.

Individual Support

When a problem prevents you from moving forward, you need the right therapist to help you. Using cognitive behavior techniques and other approaches, we'll customize a one-on-one treatment specifically to help you overcome a problem. Group therapy is also available as part of our intensive behavior program.

Therapy for the Family

The family system plays an important role in our emotional, physical, and spiritual development. When issues arise, they can have a negative impact on the entire family, causing further stress and additional problems to arise.

Family therapy involves parents and children, and it deals with the functions of the family system. In most cases, family therapy includes parent training to give parents the tools to manage children more effectively.


Addressing Emotional & Behavioral Problems in Kids

Play Therapy is also offered to address your child's behavioral or emotional problems. This therapeutic technique is most effective with younger children.

Contact us to schedule group or individual therapy to identify problems and develop tools to move forward.