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Giving Parents, Children & Adolescents

Therapy to Overcome Difficulties

Effective Behavior Management & Parent Training Programs

Damous Psychological Services in South Charleston, West Virginia, offers effective ways for reducing classroom disruption and other behavioral issues. Simply participate in one of our behavior management or parent training programs to learn tips for managing behavioral problems effectively. In some cases, partial hospitalization/intensive outpatient services may be required. A more intensive program than traditional outpatient care may prove more effective for more difficult cases.

Plans for Home & School

Parents of children with emotional and behavioral disorders face many challenges, including disruptions in the classroom and at home. Our programs are designed to give you tools and tricks for managing problematic behaviors at home and at school effectively. 

For your convenience, we can also accompany you to SAT, eligibility, or IEP/Section 504 meetings at your child's school to ensure your child receives the care he or she needs. If needed, we can provide recommendations without attending meetings.

Plans for Home & School

Community Seminars

Dealing with your child's behavioral disorder alone can cause you to feel stressed and angry. This, in turn, often causes children to act out even more, causing more stress and anger.

We offer community parent training seminars to give you and other parents' tips for managing your child's behaviors. All programs include weekly presentations outlining the tools to use for more effective behavior management at home.

Additional Seminars for Parents, Schools, & Organizations:

• Social Skills Training
• Building & Maintaining Self-Esteem
• Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• Understanding & Managing Child & Adolescent Emotional & Behavioral Disorders
• Understanding Learning & Related Disorders
• Bullying

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to learn tips for managing your child's behavior at home or at school.